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    Mic check mic check, Ranbir wants to know if anyone’s listening? 🎤
    Ranbir Kapoor is here to tell you that you can catch a new movie on Netflix every week but guess no one's listening right now. Thanks to the 5 people who are reading this description, we appreciate you. ❤️
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    1. hana rs

      Love you Rk 😍❤ my hero 😍❤


      U must be relieved to know that ipl has been suspended (Netflix walon ka nazar lag gaya ipl par 😂)

    3. Aashu Ahir

      Btao yr ipl bnd ho gye ab

    4. Anand kumar Singh

      Bhai acting bhi kr liya krr please 🙏 hamesha real type ka mt kroooo india walo ko real chiz achhi nhi lgti hai..

    5. Asad khan

      after so long waiting for your all movies and now this ❤️❤️❤️

    6. Mohd Shaquib Anwar

      Seeing this only because of Ranbir

    7. Dharmendrasinh sarvaiya

      Let anything good be released on tv or else but I will not stop watching Netflix! Ever! .

    8. Dc 007

      MIC DROP BUNGEEE !!!!! 💜💜💜

    9. Tirth Joshi

      I see this ad on display + during match Irony😉

    10. Ankur Gupta

      Netflix playing with our feelings 🥺🥺

    11. Sanjay Soni

      Damn this guy has best beard i have ever seen🔥

    12. Noel Thomas Bejoy

      Lol,I remember this guy on Aib's podcast saying he wasn't in favor of Otts due to the competition with theatres.

    13. Mukta


    14. Avinash Gupta

      So all these views on this video were for nothing? According to Netflix all these people should have apparently been watching Cricket instead?

    15. Aman Bhargav

      I am waiting for you legend Ranbir Kapoor 👍🏻👍🏻😀😀

    16. Ashank Patil

      Who are the co actors in this ad

    17. pixie dust

      Ab toh bata do yaar Ranbir Netflix original Kar raha hai kya 😭❤️

    18. Tony Stark

      Lol Netflix should stay away from these Bollywood movies.

    19. Venkatraman Narayan

      Apt, i just cancelled my netflix subscription after 2 years, looks like a lot of us did that!

    20. Punit Raj

      Brilliant publicity

    21. Suveda Fm


    22. Diya Thakur

      Missing RK a lotttttt..... want bhramastra soon ... luv luv

    23. Sristi Mishra

      He is such a sweetheart ... bring it up

    24. Anuradha Pandit

      Oh god what is THIS!!! 😳😳

    25. sudipto ghosh

      Please give us something with RK

    26. Omkar Singh

      I love Netflix now😍😍

    27. Chanda Mishra

      Isse accha to mai bat pakadta hun😜😜😂😂


      Ripper 2 please


      Yaar Stranger Things isi year release kar do .Please

    30. BINOY C

      IPL 2022 Netflix streaming 🤪

    31. TROY

      Its take 20 sec for Ranbir to show his acting skills and class😉

    32. TROY

      RK + Netflix = 😭😭❤❤

    33. TROY

      No one like RK💯💫❤

    34. TROY

      Ranbir Kapoor is best❤

    35. Pro Sro

      Legend is coming on legendary platform ❤️🖤❤️ Can't wait anymore

    36. Pro Sro

      Legend and finest actor is coming soon .....can't wait 😃

    37. Pragya Singh

      Ipl is 💛

    38. Pragya Singh

      Tujhko mirchi lagi toh main kya karu 😉

    39. Varsha Raghuwanshi

      I loveeeeee him!!!!🥺🥺❤❤🔥🔥

    40. Intel Kancharla

      Wow, even Netflix is getting confused between "then" and "than".

    41. Somicka Rajnani


    42. Aditya Singh Rathore

      So the legend arrives..!! Only Netflix could've made that possible..!! ❣❣❤🙌

    43. Simi Deka

      The Rockstar will be rocking in Netflix too❤️❤️❤️❤️

    44. Nikki Vishwakarma

      My favourite ranbir kapoor

    45. Taj Unnisa

      Man Ranbir is gonna do some thing on Netflix ✨✨

    46. Parth chandra

      Jealous from IPL just joking netflix have a god level reputation😂😂😂

    47. tinker bell

      Tbh I just pressed it after seeing mic drop thinking that this vdo is somehow related to bts 😅

    48. Niraj Kumar

      Breaking bad ko Hind dubd kijiye 🙏🙏

    49. gaming aada

      Breaking bad ko Hindi dub karo na please

    50. shreyas supnekar

      Bruhhh are u inderectly teasing IPL ?...and wth was that "usse accha Toh Mai bat pakad leta hu"...do u know how much efforts it takes to play in one of the IPL team !!!..agar add kashi hi Toh dusro ko nicha kyu dikha rahe ho ?...khud upar chado na ...dusre ko kyu gira rahe Ho ?!!

      1. Ishant Patil

        Zop bhava.. jast nko load gheu

    51. Manish Vasudevan

      Where r u when India is facing the biggest crisis?? Ohh yes. In Maldives.

    52. Amit Kumar Roy

      Dearest Netflix, The more you hire these "BOLLIDIOTS" - the more Indians will be scared of you like Corona! Regards.

      1. Ishant Patil

        Bollidiots having some good actors also.. problem is with underserving people not with all of them

    53. Ayan For You

      Ranbir Kapoor 🔥🖤

    54. Mayank Desai

      Ranbir kapoor!!🥳we are enjoying his little screen presence too ❤

    55. Ojashvi Singh

      Netflix india you're the reason why im still alive

    56. Ojashvi Singh

      Dont tell me you're bringing the hottest b-towm guy on your platform! Dude----

    57. Amit Seksaria

      So daaamnnn haaappyy to see my favourittee on netfliixx😌❤

    58. prince Rk

      Can't wait 🔥🔥🔥

    59. Royal mirage


    60. Jenny And Mufasa

      Roses are red violets are blue As long as my channel existsThat's for you

    61. Viren Daniel

      Shamshera To Release On NF

    62. Gourab Chatterjee

      Dear Netflix.. Please contribute some portion of your subscribers money to Indias fight against covid 🙏🙏🙏... This is not the time for these promotions, the country is in deep deep trouble and most of the people are mourning for themselves or known ones 😔😔😔

    63. Shifa Hossain

      Two persons I am missing badly on screen. Srk and Rk!!!❤️❤️

      1. Palak Jain


      2. Kanishka Taank

        And I miss you, aw

    64. Jay Salia

      I'm one of the 5 people to read the description, good job @netflix !

    65. Averi Dubey

      I went through this description also netflix👀! But ok thank me later👋

      1. Kanishka Taank

        @Averi Dubey maybe overreact na karo lol

      2. Averi Dubey

        @Kanishka Taank 😱 OMG abb mein kya karu?!! School chodd du! 😕😭 🙄

      3. Kanishka Taank

        No we won't thank you

    66. Sophie Nanda

      Kuchh bhi karlo Ranbir.....tumlog sab Kusha and other newbies ke saamne bilkul feeke ho.... faded you know.

      1. Bunny Kapoor

        Abey woh aunty jaake bacho ke dipper saaf kar

      2. Amit Seksaria

        @Ishant Patil yes it is

      3. Ishant Patil

        @Amit Seksaria kusha kapila ranbir se better🤣🤣 is that a joke

      4. Amit Seksaria

        @Ishant Patil kusha kapila..youtuber

      5. Ishant Patil

        ye kusha kaun hai

    67. Suman Sadhukhan

      "milte hai cricket ke baad!" Seriously! Netflix, stop using India after your name if you think people are into Cricket nowadays! and RK to hai hi tone-deaf waishe bhi.

      1. Ishant Patil

        it's good to be tone-deaf sometimes rather than being kangna

      2. Kanishka Taank

        Is he?

    68. Sikkim visit

      Big like

    69. Xavier

      Even Netflix is clickbaiting us😤

    70. jagdiesh gahlot

      Very Innovative ad.

    71. Rajyavardhan Singh

      Aur kitne baki video sarre daldo

    72. jahnavi upadhyay

      I can’t wait for this my favourite 😍😍😍

    73. Dhruv Singh

      Netflix X Ranbir = 💥

    74. pallavi

      heyy Netflix hii I'll count myself as one of the 5 people who reads the description💜 and I appreciate you for appreciating us ^^

    75. Soutrik Banerjee

      Netflix is Ranbir's "BRAHMASTRA"...

    76. Sumedha Reddy

      My mind straight up went to Mic drop song 💜😌

      1. Gunika

        We armys share the same braincells!💜💜

      2. Anushaa

        Ikr!! 😉🤗💜

    77. purple grapes

      I read the description🌝✨💫

    78. Megha Arora

      They are going to release brahmastra

    79. BPSC Warrior

      Netflix broadcast kharidega pakka. Hotsar ka rojgaar chhinega

    80. Shubham Singh

      Koun dekh raha cricket saala dus saal se dekh ke mun nahi bhara jo pandemice me bhi cricket dekhna ❤️

    81. Bula Bula

      Rk good job💯

    82. Aarti Singh

      His voice is so satisfying I can hear him all my life 😭❤ bir we miss you 🥺

    83. Prem Bhai

      Don't worry Netflix You have a special place in our heart.🥰

    84. somschimmy96

      May we know what are you up to @NetflixIndia?

    85. Sameer Khan


    86. Narayanan P S

      IPL broadcasting fella??.... Nice💓

    87. Insane soul

      Can't wait anymore 😐


      I am just here to listen to Ranbir's voice.

    89. Itee

      What all you can do with Ranbir! Netflix what do you do with Ranbir? Netflix netflix

    90. amit gupta

      Isse accha to mai bat pakadta hoo😂😂


      Even Netflix admited that in cricket season no one watches other series or movies🤣🤣🤣🤣 milte hai cricket ke baad

    92. hello world

      Netflix u rockkkk!!!

    93. Akash Akshay

      KY chutiyap th ye

      1. Ishant Patil

        @Akash Akshay subscribe nahi kiya batane ke liye comment kardi... itni mehnat kyu

      2. Kanishka Taank

        @Akash Akshay ab kya kar sakte hai Jo hai usse kaam chalao

      3. Akash Akshay

        @Kanishka Taank Exactly aise chutiyap ke lie subscribe nhi kra hai😂 Koi content hi nhi . Bollywood BNA rkha hai isko v😂

      4. Kanishka Taank

        To mat dekho

    94. David Olsen

      Thought it was mic drop and the mic definitely dropped😶🤯

    95. Seema Gupta

      Cannot wait rk ❤️😍

    96. Ishan Sharma

      Bramashtra ?

      1. Ishant Patil

        no way... brahmastra will never be on ott

    97. Jit Kumari Khatri

      Imagine getting a heart from NETFLIX ♥️🙈

    98. Adesh Katiya

      Ab ye ipl khatam hone tak aise hi suspense banayenge

    99. Yasha Patel

      So cute yar

    100. Roopkatha Sengupta

      Netflix youtube channel is so creative! Loved this one😂❤