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    Knock-knock! Is anyone there?
    Ranbir Kapoor is here to tell you about all the great content you can watch on Netflix but guess no one's listening right now. Is anyone even reading this description 🤔
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    1. kulyblue

      Best actor

    2. Aishwariya Singh

      When we will see you in a movie?love you RK always

    3. Prabin Rawal

      Cricket khatam hogaya bhai,aajha

    4. kKiran Roy

      Netflix walo ki nazar lag gaye ipl pay

    5. Adarsh’s Techworld

      IPL HAS BEEN POSTPONED! Netflix- 😎😎

    6. Himanshu Thakur

      "Milte hai cricket ke baad" 😂😭

    7. MR D

      Ha bhai ab koi busy nai he 😆😆😆

    8. Anmol Garg

      Ye lo lag gayi tumhari nazar Netflix walo. Ab toh khush IPL suspend krwakr...

    9. Rahel Syed

      Are you happy now haa @Netflix India

    10. Aashu Ahir

      Ho gya IPL season suspension, ab bta do. Yr kya la rahe ho

    11. vaibhav patil

      I didn't knew that Netflix had such a power that they can suspend ipl coz no one is watching Netflix 😂😂😂lol

    12. SM

      Ab khush, Netflix? 😭

    13. Anand kumar Singh

      Isme acting kaha tha ye to real hai😍😍

    14. One Minute Memer

      Thank God it's not Ranveer

    15. Mahnoor Arif Mansoori

      Meri jan mwwwaaaahhh

    16. Sajid Khan

      Imagine Netflix winning IPL rights in future. They can take this game to the next level.

    17. TDS Try To Do Something

      yes , i m reading this description

    18. Tea

      I really thought he quit acting.

    19. Keshav Borana

      ab ranbir aa gye hai to dhamaka × 💯 to hoga hi na ..... Brahmāstra Shamshera

    20. UTKARSH Srivastava

      RK IS GOD

    21. Archish Shinde

      Jara is unpad ko shikhao ki animes ko cartoon Nahi Bolte

    22. Garima Hazarika

      Ranbir Kapoor ❤️

    23. Melrick Sequeira

      I guess no one is using Netflix now 🤣

    24. katta shravya

      Ranbir ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    25. Rohit Moond



      He is the same person, who said that he won’t be coming on OTT platforms as they are not better than bollywood films, they can never be compared to anything as big as bollywood...2 years later Ranbir on an OTT platform ( I be like. Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti h!) I am a big Ranbir fan.. but don’t flip brother ❤️

    27. Julyxxmoon

      Love You Rabir Kapoor 💗💗

    28. Faizal Khatri

      Rockstar ranbir kapoor😍❤️

    29. Giridhar Sai Gutha

      Genuine genius thought, here in India cricket is festival. Thank god you understands that. Awesome

    30. Abhishek Singh

      Netflix just got blessed😍

    31. Monisha Pushpanathan

      He has starting looking old hasn’t he ??

    32. TROY

      Even in 30 sec, he showed his skills, class, elegance and charm.❤ Ranbir Kapoor for you😉

    33. TROY

      We want RK + Netflix❤❤❤💯💯💯

    34. TROY

      Ranbir Kapoor is the Best.❤❤

    35. TROY

      Ranbir Kapoor's work >>>> IPL/ CRICKET anyday.

    36. Harsh Poddar

      netflix again free for 2-3 days after ipl

    37. P


    38. Averi Dubey

      Yeah netflix I think I am the one who reads the description of everyone's videos!

    39. Prabhjot Garcha

      Nice to see ranbir finally

    40. D B

      Clever advertising by Netflix. Giving full respect to all the cricket fans

    41. LA5 Creative

      this netflix telling us that netflix is going to be free again

    42. Aarti Singh

      Can't wait to see you on Netflix 🌼❤ bira🥺

    43. Gauri

      Nahi hai busy Are you going to make us wait more seriously ranbir


      Me to netfilx:- urban audience chahiye na!!!!😂

    45. Siddharth Gautam

      May be he will release his movie on Netflix.

    46. Nishchay Handa

      remembering AIB’s podcast how ranbir said he is now gonna come up on OTT

    47. Advait Shanker

      netflix INDIA but all content in Hindi 🙃

      1. Advait Shanker

        and all/most of your netflix originals are hindi too?

      2. Advait Shanker

        not content in netflix per se, but the youtube videos netflix india makes

    48. Marvellous Scene

      Money heist season 5 Please Netflix please.......🥺🥺🥺🥺

    49. Simran Malhotra

      Is nobody going to talk about how amazing the Netflix marketing team is for coming up with this awesome concept?

    50. Shweta Upadhyay


    51. Mrityunjay Sahariah

      Ranbir on Netflix ❤️❤️

    52. Shailja Drangal


    53. Amey bhuttan

      I am there behind 🙄 as jr artist hope u all see me

    54. Yash Bansal

      Can we have orginals with Ranbir on netflix

    55. Darshana Jha

      After the Maldives post, I cant even watch this video. Dont even want to watch him

    56. Ancient Pro

      Cant wait for Ranbir Kapoor After long time

    57. Anupreet Bhuyar

      Ranbir maybe off social media, never stops being social and always comes with a bang🔥

    58. raj

      Desh mar raha hai aur unko entertainment bechna hai ...

    59. Kajal Kumari


    60. king's gamerz

      Love it ranbir baba

    61. Varun Raheja

      Anyone else going through the comments to get a hint on if this is Shamshera or Bhramhastra?

    62. Akil khan

      Ranbir look's ❤️

    63. SATWIK YT

      When you have so much money that you hire Ranbir Kapoor for nothing 😂... literally nothing

    64. Piyush Nagarkar

      Hopefully , something special is coming on Netflix , featuring RK

    65. Rishabh Kumar Jagati

      Best actor, yar ye apne aap me acting school hai..

    66. Kush Agrawal

      Dont call him chotu✌

    67. Subhadip Ghosh

      Na milna behatar hai hamare desh or hamare liye.Plz ranbir sir take it seroiusly❤️❤️


      I can listen to his voice all day and all night long.

    69. Rakesh Zharotia

      Loved to see Ranbir in action after such a long time...and what a shot indeed!! ❤️❤️

    70. Abhijeet Gupta

      Netflix is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    71. Kanishka Taank

      Don't worry I read your description

    72. Pabitra Chakraborty

      Ranbir with Netflix❤️🔥

    73. The Official Pundit

      Was waiting for you, Ranbir❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    74. Modi ki Vines

      Ranveer kapoor

    75. cute king

      Ranbir has good acting skills ❤

    76. Rohan Mukherjee

      There is so much sadness in his eyes. Lagta hai kabhi bhi Ya Ya Ya karke Nadaan Parindey gaane lagega.

      1. Ishita Tyagi

        Damnnn....so true🤣🤣

    77. Viraj Joshi

      Hum kahi nai gaye, yahi hai!

    78. Shreya Tamang

      I Love You Ranbir ❤ Thankyou Netflix 😭🙏

    79. manish sundi

      Finally bhai ko kahi toh kaam mila

    80. Kabir Vohra

      Ranbir 🔥


      His acting, charm and appearance for this 30 seconds has much more depth and charishma than many so called Actors' whole career...That's RANBIR KAPOOR for you❤️❤️❤️❤️

    82. Diptiranjan Mohapatra

      Welldone netflix bz RK IS BEST AND FOREEVER

    83. Babw Gitti

      And there is Superstar Ranbir Raj Kapoor 🖤

    84. Ajay Thombre

      He just brings elegance to his every act.❣️

    85. Ravindra

      Yes,Ranbir is a nepo kid but his acting skills r 🔥🔥🔥 Luv u Ranbir😍❤️,big fan😘

    86. Film Buff Baby

      I think Netflix is Coming up With a Great Show Starring RK❤️❤️ . Fingers Crossed.🤞🤞

    87. Namrata Bhattacharya

      By giving this ad netflix is measuring the popularity of RK

    88. Akshaey M B


    89. Docter Strange

      We r wid U , Ranbir ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    90. rageshgangan

      Ranbir the first indian actror going to get oscar in near future... Mark my words...

    91. Anmol yadav

      What does Netflix wanna say

    92. Docter Strange

      Just imagine if tamasha and wake up Sid were released on Netflix as a web show ! This is a great platform to approach that kind of audience for Ranbir ! Ranbir will rock 🔥🔥🔥🔥🎆

      1. Sunita Rana


    93. Docter Strange

      Netflix + Ranbir = Heaven

    94. Abhishek Prakash

      *वाह क्या ईमानदारी वाला एड है!*

    95. Hari K

      Only one thing that netfilx is saying,we losses 📉 that graph.only netfilx can understand

    96. abhijeet gath

      Roz Twitter check krte hai kahin brahmastra aur shamshera ki realese date kab aa rahi hai.. Netflix pe realese krdo yr abhi Corona ko time hai.. 😟

    97. Sathvik Seshadri

      I will never stop watching Netflix! Whatever be the day. ♥️

    98. Amolika Sen

      ufffff ranbirrrr❤️❤️ can't waitttt

    99. Gourav Jindal

      Ya I read the description and I don't know why 😂

    100. Jinson Leni

      Beautiful Netflix