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    She's here to tell her story, question is- are you ready to listen?
    Osho’s controversial and sassy ex-secretary, Ma Anand Sheela returns to India after 34 years of exile and people just can’t get enough of her. Searching for Sheela is an intimate look into her journey across India, observing the rebranding of her as a pop-culture icon, with audiences unable to decide if they deem her a "criminal" or remain in awe of her badass secretary days.
    Sheela, now frail and 70, in the twilight of her life, appears to be seeking redemption, but is she? And if she is, does a world consumed by spectacle allow her space to? Find out for yourself in Searching For Sheela, on 22nd April, only on Netflix.
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    1. Banu _

      The Bullywood crowd she’s surrounding herself with says everything about this low life 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    2. Banu _

      She’s out here calling Bhagwan a liar.

    3. Lillo F. Guadalupi

      Sheela's false statements: 1. Sheela denied “admitting attempted murder.” In fact, Sheela pled guilty to the attempted murder of Osho’s personal physician. Sheela also pled guilty in a Swiss court of “criminal acts preparatory to the commission of murder” in relation to a plot to kill US federal prosecutor Charles Turner in 1985. 2. Sheela denied committing immigration fraud but admitted to bringing Osho into the United States. In fact, Sheela pled guilty to immigration fraud in connection with many marriages. 3. Sheela denied wiretapping, claiming that she had bugged Osho’s room with his consent for his security. In fact, Sheela pled guilty to a massive wiretapping scheme including all public telephones on the ranch as well as many telephones used by Ranch residents. 4. Sheela denied “poisoning a town.” In fact, Sheela pled guilty to poisoning salad bars and restaurants in the Dalles Oregon preparatory to executing a plan to poison the town water supply on election day. 5. In response to a long question, Sheela stated “I have not committed a crime, okay.” In fact, in addition to the crimes discussed above Sheela pled guilty to the poisoning and assault of two Wasco County public officials, burglary and arson of public offices. 6. In response to a question about Osho’s comments about her, Sheela stated “He was doing drugs that make you depressed (and cause) schizophrenia.” (!!!)

    4. Rahul Thaware


    5. avnish pandey

      I love such people. What a genius. Such people can make a whole lot of people fool. That's amazing.

    6. sun

      Complete rubbish she dodges every question and is just lapping up limelight

    7. Jenil Rajgor

      She is just a criminal speaking classy english

    8. Jiya Mehta

      Now we are seeing murderers as heroes in movies...what a shame..

    9. Vaibhav Awasthi

      She proved to be a perfect bitch-Osho

    10. C P

      Still searching for Sheela after watching the documentary 🤣

    11. duskyme

      Sheela still knows how to sell herself in the market. and rich Indians have to time and money to buy this crap.

    12. Vikram Dravid

      OSHO is facepalming in his grave.

    13. Anagha Tiwari

      She fell in love with the wrong man and later ran and ran and ran to get away from that toxic environment. She must have done lot of wrong in the past but now at the age of 70, she is fighting for freedom to die with respect.

    14. Princi Dhillon

      My god pathetic way to improve her image ....she was crooked frm start n stolen millions of dollar n planned other mischievous per future films planned about her this documentary is just image building.....she talks about bhagwan n high values but in past she told media hez conman cheatin millions frm westerners etc etc......

    15. Abha Rathod

      No. Just no.

    16. Collin Wenda

      Just, narcissism

    17. mtopper66

      Sheela has to be one of the single worst human beings of the past 50 years and yet you can't look away. Seeing her double and then triple down on her lies makes Trump look like an amateur. I do find it amazing that the Indian press fawned all over her--there's a reason she hasn't come back to do any interviews in Oregon, LOL.

    18. Dhruv sonagela

      Well done a criminal made hero by Netflix.

    19. Sikkim visit


    20. true copy

      Perfect emotion perfect expression perfect energy how you will judge with words then read this PERFECT MASTER OF MANIPULATION

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    21. true copy

      She is just living her life like a MASTER the only difference is MASTER IS BUDDHA and sheela is AHDDUB.Iam just trying to make you ppl understand HIGHEST SPIRITUAL PRET.

    22. true copy

      Sheila can only be UNDERSTOOD through FEELING there is no other way.even if I say you she is highest spiritual pret you won't understand SIR....YOU NEED THOSE EYES .

    23. Annanya

      Hey Netflix if ur reading this please understand that most of ur viewers are teenagers, who still have a developing mind. interviewing and praising bio-terrorists like Sheela are gonna rot their brains and give them bad images like terrorists are "cool". You are making them seem like a role model, which is completely wrong. I personally love all ur content, but this is just too much. Hope u read this and take it into consideration.

    24. true copy

      The day you'll understand her ,the day you'll enter into the kingdom of godliness because the fight is just of two MASTER (AVTAR)and HIGHEST SPIRITUAL PRET.

    25. true copy

      Maa anand sheela HIGHEST SPIRITUAL PRET

    26. sarvan thulasi

      Damn haunting stories

    27. lastsenator44

      0:04 That lady has already made up her mind before asking

    28. SK K

      Honestly why are psychopathic individuals like Sheela treated like a superstar by Netflix with a bunch of naive young audience /interviewers giggling in delight?(“Wow, Really?”). I understand Netflix wants to sell their show but this is not the way to do it

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      2. Nobody At All

        @Raina Potter lol be quiet. clown

      3. Raina Potter

        Your power is to not watch.

      4. noor alnaaz

        Same with Charles Shobraj! Serpent made him Asian Bundy

    29. Priyanka Videos

      Most exciting video ever


      Karikku ripper


      when recommended is faster then notifications

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    32. Varnika Kaae

      I just want to say wow. this is some great editing. I bet it took a while to piece together everyone's cams and sync it. Good job.

    33. duskyme

      murderous Sheela is still protected and loved by media.

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      2. Think Astro

        She served her time in prison now leave her alone.

      3. Roy Edwards

        She never murdered anyone

    34. Aditya Sharma

      We live in a world where Sheela is made a hero and Osho a psychopath villain, a buddha will always be misunderstood in today's world, osho was so right.

      1. Julia Araujo

        Sheela and Osho are the same BULLSHIT ! 🙂👊🏽😎

      2. Smilex Chiru

        Yes!!! Thank you, Osho had great ideas but she was instrumental in making it a psychopathic frauduldent cult.

    35. jogi preeti

      😀😀😀😀 kuch bhi 😀😀😀😀

    36. Ankush Dubey

      First comment and like along with other 19

    37. AD Ankita Devi

      For the Safety of bhagwan because bhagwan was alone... Sorry but I laugh here 😁😁😂😂

      1. Aaranya

        Same lol😂😂😂.. can't believe this woman

    38. Bhavik Davey

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    39. Canine YT

      big fan netflix but not true

    40. Deepak Sharma

      Neflix India is just giving unwanted attention to Criminals like her thru their Documentaries

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