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    We would've topped Computer Science if Kanan taught us. 🤓
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    1. Suryakant Panda

      Finally someone solve it

    2. Pratham J T

      the one where ge throws the marker , too funny dude

    3. Bikramjeet Singh

      How is this even funny

    4. ajay malik

      Answer should be [3 , infinity)

    5. Ayesha Fatima Ahmed

      Meanwhile Kanan's shoes giving competition to Deepika's Sabyasachi lehenga.

    6. Annie Gentle

      In English, first of all, what the f#$& is a teetar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. Ritik Parida

      The moment he wrote t0: Yeah man take my like

    8. Tauheed Umar

      There can be more than 5 teetar 😅😅🧐🧐

    9. Nishant jha

      That's what happens when you graduate from engineering in india

    10. appriciate calender

      Gazab 😂😂😂😂

    11. Naveed Velani

      bro plz improve your jokes

    12. Hardik Bothra

      You missed one situation.. Tc,Tb,Ta,T0,T1,T2 😌

    13. Mohammad Hammad Khan 19DEL068

      Ye kya teetarpana laga rakha hai 😂😂

    14. This Is Neha

      From which angle does kanan look like Shahid Kapoor?

    15. yashwanth kalyan

      So it's not 5 ?

    16. Lima Arya

      Wish I was a part of the audience! ❤️❤️

    17. Aadarsh Patel

      i don't watch stand-ups but this youtube recommendation was so good🤣🤣

    18. Deeptha M. Namboothiri

      👏😮👏😮👏wow....awesome job 👏🙌

    19. Harshit Lalwani

      T0 was so on point!!

    20. student student


    21. Free Bird

      Kanan is the ventilator for so many to exist them

    22. Niku Singh

      Kya bawasir tha yeh @NetflixIndia

    23. Adityam Raj


    24. soham kukarni

      Kanan has a resemblance with Jake Paralta.

    25. onkar koynare


    26. onkar koynare



      teetar taught the math magic.. guys!! why the hell is there a flukeXXD!!1

    28. mallikarjun bhargav

      Who are these people laughing but it's not funny

    29. Maunas Shastri

      Didn't find it funny. No wonder why i scored so poorly in math. 😅

    30. Aparnaa M Kulkarnii

      This guy's awesome🙇‍♀️

    31. Prabal Minotra

      Tn ε [3,infinity) : Tn ε {N}

    32. Nausheen Siddiqui

      older generation destroyed in seconds!!!!!!

    33. #LisaFan

      Please be my Math teacher!!

    34. Mahima Arya

      He looks like shahid Kapoor.

    35. Shabbir Husain

      This is not about stand up, it's all about sit down 😂

    36. abhijnagk

      Isn't he a good teetar :P

    37. Namrata Sharma

      He should be the Jake Paralta if any hindi series like broklyn 99 happens

    38. Sadaf Shaikh

      Savage!!!! That's what engineers are for!!!!! Love it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. Darshana Jha

      engineers ko orgasm aa gya hoga in the audience

    40. Krish Kherajani

      Just thinking how long would he had taken to rehearse for that to be so freakin' confident

    41. Abhishek Shahu

      The first teetar looks more like Twitter ..!

    42. Aditya Bhattacharya

      Relation function k revision ho gya re 🌚

    43. Sara S

      Horrible comedy

    44. Siddhant Raju

      Psychiatrist: Desi Andy Samberg cant hurt u Desi Andy Samberg:

    45. Shubham shakya

      I wanna see Kanan Gill but I can only see Andy samberg .

    46. Rajat Negi

      Real ID se aao maths teacher 😂

    47. Meet the Artist

      I don't fucking know anything about computer science but I can see what he did there. Haha!

    48. ifra fatima

      Just reminded me how much I love maths

    49. Bhaskar Bharadwaj

      Okay what did he have ? Tanmay for breakfast?

    50. Arnab ramdev

      Gaitonde bhau trigged.

    51. Sheetal Takkar

      Commerce students were like "kya chutiyap tha ye" ...


      Can anyone explains me what lastly he had wrote on board it fully goes up from my head

    53. Aman Sharma

      "there is a cow"

    54. Aditya Ojha

      Finally we got the General Solution! Domain of teetar!😂

    55. vichu pl

      I actually understood😂

    56. Deepak Kumar Painkra

      Not up to the mark.

    57. Kirtika Helen

      Online classes in white hat jr 😂😂

    58. Saurabh Dube

      did anyone laughed?

    59. Jasveen Kaur

      He won me over at t⁰

    60. Shashank Das

      T0 had it all 😂👌

    61. Cheems


    62. shaleen dutta

      Aww! That was a poor joke, try again!

    63. Harshetha Dh

      Didn't expect that end , Brilliant 😂😂👏👏

    64. Ashish D Souza

      Such a bouncer😂

    65. Rajdeep Deb

      Par Teetar ke v do chutad hi hote hai.

    66. Suman Sadhukhan

      Kanan: 3

    67. Paritosh Wankhade

      By the way you missed that they never mentioned behind which teetar 2 teetar so it goes till infinity behind Tn belongs [3,inf) for all Tn belongs to N

    68. Jhankriti Sharma

      That was so lit!❤️

    69. autumn 1eaf

      The world would be a much better place if all the comedians became teachers.

    70. ayymaike hervet

      Or if it was in a box with radioactive material inside it we would only need 1 Teetar.

    71. Ivy Pahari

      I was a Chemistry grad till today. From today onwards I have two degrees, Chemistry and Mathematics.

    72. Tanush Bhatt

      Only in India will you find a crowd cheering for a comic giving a math lecture in his set

    73. Shweta Singh


    74. Mastram मीणा

      Question should be Find the minimum number of teetar satisfying the condition Salo question dhang se poochte nhi ho aur ye log hamare marks kaat te h Ye bik gye h sab Ab inme kuch nhi rkha

    75. Samapika R

      The only thing I learnt here is kanan is a lefty. 😑😑

    76. Rajat Bhatnagar

      I guess limit should be between -infinity to infinity...only then each and every teetar would satisfy the condition, right? 🤔

    77. nidhi baurai

      Kabhi nahi hasata ye

    78. Jhajj

      Where is the joke for the rest of the population?

    79. Gaurav Bhandari

      Ganesh gaitonde explained it better

    80. abhishek

      That was something unique, great one kanan,❤❤🤗

    81. Shadab Sarvar

      Math notation is wrong. Nice comedy though.



    83. 166 - Shubham Patil

      Formula was too much simple

    84. Lalit Kamble

      our desi jake paraltha😂😂😂

    85. Ayush

      Mota ho gaya be kanan..... lockdown effect

    86. PardonMyExistence.

      People should understand... Sometimes,the comedy is just about the delivery.

    87. BARCODE

      If they are not telling which teetar it is they're talking about then max limit can go beyond 5.

    88. Nikhil Pathania

      We thought school maths will be useless... he made a standup bit out of it to earn money...

    89. Akankshya Bhattacharyaa

      Man. Too good.

    90. Aditya Andra

      In that case shouldn't it be all n>=3

    91. Jyotishman Kalita.

      Why not concluding it as a function and Plot out The Domain and Co-Domain

    92. Faizi


    93. Sujana K J

      Meanwhile arts students : yeah kya hai re baba

      1. Lipi

        Mathematics is an art subject in undergrad and postgrad (BA/MA Math). Secondly, the problem in question can be solved by an average 9th grader so I don't think people from any stream had difficulty understanding it. Kanan wouldn't even include a math joke if it wasn't basic enough to be understood by everyone. The point of comedy is that everyone should be able to understand and relate.

    94. Lokesh Kumar

      Kanan is amazing 👏😍

    95. nafis N

      so basically, we have learnt all this stuff just to understand these contemporary comics

    96. A Nice Guy From The Internet

      Shahid Kapoor and Chiyaan Vikram.

    97. SKDLB

      Great catch....

    98. Suhani Gupta

      Why the hell all the teetars looked liked phases of growing foetus???😂😂

      1. Rohit Mehta

        This joke should in the special

    99. Rohit raj

      Likh lo upse me na ajye....

    100. Something_Different

      Was he doin this joke in iit