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    Ek hum aur ek hamaare tudums hai. 🥰
    In this episode of Behensplaining, Kusha Kapila and Srishti Dixit review BluffMaster in their daily soap andaaz, and discuss the Kaju-Kishmish paradox in a mixture. Catch the latest and freshest episodes of Behensplaining, exclusively on Netflix India’s PAprom channel and BluffMaster!, streaming on Netflix.
    Writer: Dr. Pyarelal
    Director: Sofia Ashraf
    DOP: Dezvyn Tinwalla
    Creative Producer: Pranav Bagde
    Production Agency: The Rabbit Hole
    Post Production: Postbox 28
    Quick Guide:
    0:00 It’s Not Bluffmaster, It's BluffMaster!
    0:58 Behensplaining Quickies - Desi Soap Andaz
    2:55 Kishmish-Kaju Paradox
    3:51 Abhishek Bacchan Teaches Marine Biology?
    4:12 Glass Half Full
    4:48 Behencyclopedia For Rapsaras!
    5:14 Srishti Is A Rapsara?
    6:18 On The Scale Of Macchli Metaphors
    6:32 What's Your Favourite Rap Song?
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    1. Afia Kabir Kunta

      Shrishti doing something to her body, which I don't like. I am more used to see her as normal instead of this kind of Different.

    2. Brotati Sarkar

      Please review "The Vampire's Diary" . You two please 🥺🥺

    3. Pankhudi Saraswat

      omg you both look so beautiful here. another amazing episode

    4. Shreya Sanjay

      Arre Didi Bunty aur Bubli review karonaa

    5. Tashu Sharma

      Legends are still trying to find about what was the Rap song Shrishti and Kusha were talking about.😁😶

    6. Tashu Sharma

      Kusha teaching Linear Equation. Mean while Shrishti squealing from behind - "Leaaaaaaaannnnnnn on meeee" 😂

    7. Priya Singh

      If there were rapsaras dancing in my class, no one would even open up the book

    8. Syed NAVEED

      I look at Shristi and every failed new year resolution hits that much harder. 😔

    9. Shail Jn

      its better to watch both of u itstead of watching 2 hours movie

    10. Stupid_Username

      I don't know if it's Kusha's explanation, Shristi's grinding or the fact that I suck at Xs(ask any) or math, in general - The equation made no sense.

    11. Aayush S. Taehyung

      Srishti kahe itti kamjor ho gyi?

    12. Sana Sayed

      1:20 this ekta kapoor style parody was damnnnn hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. green ranger alex

      Can u do mean girls

    14. Immature Critics

      What was the song.. i wanna know.

    15. Nilanjana Mazumdar

      I'll never be able to eat Paneer chaap again without laughing 😆

    16. Nilanjana Mazumdar

      Can I just say that Shrishti looks sooo good. Damn girl.. how'd you lose the weight ??

    17. Krishti Bhattacharjee

      Please review ek main aur ekk tu!!!

    18. Amar Powar

      What a dance Srishti. Truly multitalented.

    19. Amar Powar

      My fav movie of 2000s. Boy they had point making in films then.

    20. Annette Fernando

      Shrishti has a big head

    21. Manita Dhami

      Shristi was busy losing weight. So she couldnt manage to be there in some episodes.

    22. Samar Ahmad

      That "I'm so Alexis" dance by Srishti 💯💯

    23. Jyotirmoy Das

      I need know the song which was censored 😂

    24. Anushka Pandey

      Kusha as komolika was what i needed for my day to go on❤❤😭😭

    25. Tanvi Nimbalkar

      The rap song is Smack That !

    26. nidhi agarwal


    27. Akshata Pai

      why no behensplaining for all netflix shops? like bollywood karo rant no issue but why only few netflix shows

    28. Ritu raj

      While watching the video i got distracted toward the chips😋😂

    29. Nidhi Sebastian

      @4:18 segway.. intentional?

    30. Pourush Sood

      Quadratic Equations in Kerninghan and Ritchie huh

    31. Matangi Prasan

      Love srishthi grinding next to kusha. Srishthi you are the very best

    32. flawed fighter

      I like when these two come 😍😍

    33. Takshita

      Fun fact: The saree kusha is wearing in "behensplaining quickies" is the same that shrishti wore in the behensplaining episode of main hoon na.

    34. sweety sikri

      It's really wonderful to see when there are so much efforts put on these videos.

    35. Srijani Parui

      "bluffmastehhhhh" hahaha kushuuu ❤️✨

    36. Isha Choure

      Message for the subtitle guy/girl: *segue not Segway I’m sorry, it’s a bit of an OCD for me.

    37. garima

      Shristi is looking fav!

    38. Ashwarya Ashiya

      Srishti looks like a babe in the pink jacket :)

    39. yumna amjad


    40. yumna amjad

      These girls r hilarious and talented

    41. Furious Nick

      Me when i saw GLASS HALF FULL come early - "Oh!, There are not too many segments in this video." Behensplaining - "Ha! Tricked you!"

    42. prerna kapoor

      Hilarious 😂

    43. irrelevent chirag

      shristi imbracing hot girl summer

    44. Freak Show

      Best line ever Shrishti: it's not a good twist Kusha: TU BANALENA PHIR I like these cuz this is how friends speak 🤣

    45. Yuvika Ghai

      Srishti and Kusha are the best..... period ... 😘

    46. Abha

      So nobody knows the song ? Guys it's volume one duhh

    47. Krishna Kamal Das

      5:14 Kusha in Saree 🙏🙏🙏

    48. talha mushtaq

      Wow srishti looks AMAZING!!

    49. Silvi Panchal

      YOU DID NOT ADD BLOOPERS IN THIS? That is just cruel.

    50. Meenakshi Deshpande

      Yeahhhhhh..Kusha and Srishti are back ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    51. richa jangid

      Song to bata do yaaarrrrr 🤣🤣🤣

    52. Harshith Putane

      Is this show age restricted as I have seen many videos of this show and I feel the show is over with its language

    53. Sushma Iliger

      I remember listening to the song “ek mai aur ek tuh hai “ on my friend’s motorola filp phone and just feeling cool ♥️ 😂😂😂

    54. Naaila Khan


    55. J K

      The masti of behind the scenes is something we'd love to watch more please dont be shy and keep uploading that too.

    56. Marziya Gadiwala

      Srishti stole the show completely❤

    57. Srishti Srivastava

      binge watching behensplaining because why not

    58. Simran Chawla

      yaar kaafi badhiya ho tum dono

    59. Arooba Tahir

      Tell me the song please someone

    60. RG

      Carol Gracias and Sherry Shroff as Rapsaras, I mean this is pure nostalgia

    61. jollys singh

      Sate pe sata! Please do behansplaing episode on it.

    62. Viswatara

      Somebody give their stylist a raise please

    63. Aneesa Ameer

      Which is that song?!!!😂

    64. Koyel Tapader

      Who agrees they both r looking so gorgeous. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    65. Mukesh Kumar Mahato

      Overacting itni ki Varun DiCaprio bhi fail hai....

    66. Sirat Fatma

      Please review suryavansham and ddlj

    67. Cheenu Sharma

      Kusha was so natural vamp 😈😈😈

    68. Paddy Arya


    69. Shonali Gaikwad

      Tell me the song They are talking about 😣

    70. rahul suvarna

      Why no one is talking about Srishtis amazing weight loss she is looking fab

    71. Gurmanveer Brar


    72. deepika ambekar

      Oh man.. I was expecting the bloopers at the end [especially the classroom scene.. 😞😞😞😞]

    73. Dev Gupta

      Yaar srishti looks so beautiful yaar

    74. Iqra Aziz Official

      Life is short thing " " boyfriend is nothing " " Mother and father is everything


      You missed the 'say na say na' song! I still dance to it sometimes.

    76. Bunty Sonawane

      Fun fact: Abhishek was the first to call her 'Piggy Chops' & Priyanka has no objection to it. So lets leave it there.

    77. Shreya Neogi


    78. Shubha_ Mittal

      I have watched most videos of this series bur now the videos are just becoming trash. Seriously stop making stupid jokes about serious film criticism areas and stop this series too.

    79. e m

      "They're like, kya beat hai is gaane ki; I must dance in my chaddi now. Can't resist." 😂😂😂

    80. Kanishka Aswani

      Say na say how you said it to me ✨

    81. Arya Kamble

      Shristi getting thinner and thinner everyday

    82. Nadeem Ahmed

      Srishti's moves >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dancing Zemo!

    83. Sayari Dalapati

      Kusha the curve-flaunting princess. Srishti the own-body-shaming insecure. When shrishti had more weight, she used to avoid skimpy clothes. Now that she has lost weight, she is flauting her body. Why should it be like that? You were beautiful then and also now. Wear whatever you want. Please value yourself, not according to your body.

    84. Delighted Soul

      Lost time is never found again.

    85. Sopan Ambre

      Badshah song by honey singh 😂

    86. Samantha Chowdhury

      Srishti I love your jacket. It suits you so perfectly.


      do mismatch or kall ho nah ho


      My fav rap song from the 2000s Dol Dol-Yuva

    89. Loeyno

      Srishti's Rapsara avatar is 🔥🔥

    90. Lotsov Phan

      I just love Kusha and Shrishti together


      Straight up copied "The Game" movie ka copy kia h

    92. zara mughal

      i just clicked on this videos because kusha and shristi are together

    93. GG Comments

      5:01 *I must dance in my chaddi now*.... 😂😂🤣😂

    94. Madan Krishnakumar

      Golmaal HaiBhaiSaabGolmaalHai!

    95. made in marathi

      Pls @Netflix keep them only they r best

    96. Srish dutta

      The rap song has to be... Unchi h building lift teri band hai.. kaise m aaun dil razamand h...😂😂😎😂😂

    97. MonkMind


    98. Aalisha Katira

      Finally Shrishti nd Kusha yaaaayy, we only want them please no dolly please she is a total misfit.

    99. 78 Maleehah Kausar Shaikh

      The only person who successfully lost some healthy amounts of weight in the lockdown is Srishti 🔥🖤

    100. Deeksha B

      I'm so impressed by Srishti