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    Dear Behens, all we want to say to you is: “Pretty Woman, dekho dekho naa, pretty woman.” ❤️
    In this episode of Behensplaining, Kusha & Dolly review the OG K-drama, Kal Ho Naa Ho, and discuss how Aman and Naina made reels together. Catch the latest and freshest episodes of Behensplaining, exclusively on Netflix India’s PAprom channel and Kal Ho Naa Ho, streaming on Netflix.
    Writer: Malvika Madhan
    Director: Sofia Ashraf
    DOP: Dezvyn Tinwalla
    Creative Producer: Apurva Gabhe
    Production Agency: The Rabbit Hole
    Post Production: Postbox 28
    Quick Guide:
    0:00 Welcome Chashmisho & Non Chashmisho
    0:16 Kal Ho Naa Ho for Gen Z
    1:13 Kusha's Message Behens
    1:25 Naina's Hobbies
    2:02 This Or That challenge ft. Naina & Aman
    2:50 Behencyclopedia for Reverse Cheating
    3:58 Aman Pulled A Daadi Move?
    4:44 Glass Half Full
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    1. Shaurya NRana

      Kusha kapila in LOL HASE TO PHASE

    2. Manali Patil

      Usually like behensplaining, but this ep was low-key cringey😂

    3. Bajaj Diksha

      are you stupid why aren't you are posting behensplaining from 2 weeks. why whyyyy.......

    4. Afia Kabir Kunta

      Kusha looked actually like Preity in the insta reel segment

    5. Srijita Mukherjee

      kusha mocking gen z is horrible...

    6. Kitty16 singh


    7. Ember

      Me being in the US and a GenZer watching this like 👀

    8. jj22542

      Cringeee x 1000000

    9. gitanjali das

      Pls review Hindi Horror Movie "The House Next Door"

    10. Amar Powar

      Please do an episode on Duplicate!

    11. Samhitha GirishJois

      That "뻥치지마!" was so funny lmaooo pretty good pronunciation, Khusha!


      Instant karma 😂

    13. Tanay Saxena

      Kitna original idea hai.

    14. Harsh Malhotra

      There naina, tere naina, tere naina, re

    15. Siddharth Baraiya


    16. Manav Goyal

      They should do “deewane hue pagal” and @Netflix India should add it in their collection

    17. Mannat Vlogs

      I want Kusha and dolly to make an extended version for this or that for every review now!!!!

    18. Nidhi Shah

      As a child I liked Aman as a character but now I can see that he totally led naina on. He knew he was dying but continuously flirted with her and showed how much he cared for her and her family only to leave her high and dry and literally trade her to Rohit as an act of "kindness". This movie was an elaborate excercise in gaslighting. Rohit was the better man tbh, he was a good friend to both and stood by them without playing mind games. He deserved someone who'd want him as much as he wanted naina.

    19. Rachna Sawaiyan

      Everyone please admit it that Dolly as Shahrukh Khan could surpass all the handsome men in the world

    20. BTS FAN

      1:39 INSTANT KARMA 😂😂😂

    21. Annie August

      Dolly just makes my heart go boom whenever she put on the boyish looks ❤️

    22. Saksham Aa

      yeh dono itni unfunny q hai yarr

    23. Rahul Singh

      hasna kb h ? kis time span pr ? puri video dekhli ..

    24. Junaid Iqbal

      1:28 you copied only desi give him the credits you thieves 😫😫

    25. mayiixx z

      Please make kabhi alvida naa kehna...

    26. Komal Fazli

      Video Courtesy- Review by Only Desi

    27. Neelanjana Pant

      Ok but the last joke was good lmao

    28. Kajal Gahlawat

      0:30 okay now this voice is outright cringe

    29. Mea Culpa

      But i like those homophobic jokes.

    30. Unnati

      So when are we stopping stereotyping GenZ😀😀😀😀

    31. Maliha Yousuf

      Died laughing at the “i relate to, tere naina, tere naina, tere naina re” 😂

    32. Jivika Kulkarni

      Kusha with the dimple is a whole new level

    33. Shreya Sanjay

      Didi please so salaam namaste

    34. Ahona Haque

      Come on! Kal ho na ho was a good film! nd you people are trying to say there is noooo gold digger girl in this entire world?? oh plz! & also if a wife says "I'll spent all of your money today" with "that" tone it means nothing bro! 😑 you want a heart specialist to behave "hey! I'm a cardiac surgeon,don't pay my bill" "hey I'm a cardiac surgeon,don't buy me anything"???? I like your reviews,nd yes 6din ladki in type things were cringy but as a whole it was a very nice movie for that time!! try to choose a better movie for making reviews like yeh jawani hai dewani..ladki ne saree pehenli,ho gaya pyaar 🤮 at least Aman liked Naina just the way she was... Don't Spoil A Good Movie 😑😑😑

    35. Priyanka Karmarkar

      Please don't ruin KHNH for us!!!!🥲🥲🥲

    36. uma mahato

      The genz part was really unnecessarily jarring, it’s like watching behenexplaining feels like a task

    37. Shubham Budhiraja

      You both could do better

    38. Sreetama Datta

      Throughout the movie Naina was seen carrying a book with MBA written on its cover! Someone should have told them that MBA isn't s subject but a course, which is a culmination of multiple subjects. And nobody spends two years studying from a single book!

      1. goofy


    39. Pari Mistry

      I literally just scrolled the whole comment section to find a comment saying where is shristi...but I guess dolly isn't that bad...btw I really like 'em all❤️❤️

    40. nisarg parekh

      tere naina tere naina re

    41. 4088Nikhila Joseph

      Please review veere di wedding!!!

    42. snehashis ray

      Still one of my favourite movies

    43. Anureet Arora

      You guys should review Jodhaa Akbar!

    44. Mitasha Dongre

      Really love dolly's hair in this video

    45. ashish pathak

      Dusri waali (Shrishti) kahan gayi ?

    46. Viswatara

      But fr is this how millennials think we Gen Z kids are😦

    47. Mudit Sharma

      I am 80 born! which catagory of the generation will I fall into?

    48. Ms Nair

      I love this movie🤧🤧


      Once my friend was about to go on a trip and everyone in our whatsapp group wished her 'Have a Safe Trip' I jokingly wished her 'Have a Kareena Trip too' . . . . Now, I'm blocked by my everyone on that group 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

    50. Atrayee Baruah

      "Kusha's continues push on her cheeks to get a dimple" Dope🤣👀

    51. Wafiqah Basil

      I cried so much watching this movie😭😭😭

    52. Nishat Ruman147

      I'm gen z but it’s one of my favourites 🤷‍♀️

    53. Maniza Halim

      Gen Z going gaga because you mentioned gen Z lol

    54. Aklima Himu

      i love kal ho na ho❤ It’s the best movie i have ever seen ♥♥

    55. Pranav N

      Not one smirk you guys got outta me. Terrible.

    56. Gurmanveer Brar


    57. Kim Anushka

      Being a Gen Z I'm offended 😒😒😒 plus i have seen this movie and was my favourite

    58. Brish Sen

      Kya chutiyapanti hai kutch bhi🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    59. tansturner

      Missing Srishti!

    60. Amar Powar

      Only movie if Saif didn't do, he won't be there where he is now. Period.

    61. Amar Powar

      Daadi move. God I didn't see that.

    62. Abhay Walimbe

      Only Desi revisit is better than this..

    63. anki ta

      Btw Netflix when will be get next kdrama review?? Waiting waiting 🤞

    64. Mamta Dubey

      Even I can relate to "tere naina , tere naina , tere naina re"


      I relate to "Tose Naina".... hahaha

    66. Maithili

      The tempo was so low on this one

    67. orchid2617

      KKR vs Punjab kings was best😂😂

    68. Sagor Hossein Neel

      Khusha's overacting .. Irritating sometimes.

    69. Aahna jain

      I feel like most people think gen z only consists of people that were on tiktok and now on reels. Most of us are nothing like that💀💀

    70. Khushi Kotalgi

      I'm chashmish. Attac kiya didi

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      2:34 ee sala cup namde😁

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      Waiting for kdramas review

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      I relate to myself 😂😂

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      Bruh kusha sounds like kareema berry 😭🤣

    75. Shahid Ahmad

      review ajeeb daastaans

    76. Med Stud

      Preity Zinta as Naina Catherine Kapur Patel is the OG naina, her melancholy narration set the tone of the movie. Such an amazing performance, wish she came back to the movies!

    77. Soumi Mukherjee

      Idk but I kinda like this movie still

    78. Tamanna Lohia

      I was really waiting for this review as i thought ki kya hi bol paega inlog for this gem of a movie❤❤❤

    79. Shriyak Jain

      This will always be my guilty pleasure movie. For such amazing movies.. Srishti should be there and length should have been morem

    80. Mrinal Sharma

      Why ,why do i feel bad about you guys that you try so hard to get close to pretentious movies reviews but yet fail?

    81. Istic Geet

      The 500 people who disliked this video are the ones who like good content

    82. Joyel Scaria

      You guys are becoming more woke day by day. Talk about finding faults for the sake of finding faults in a terrific movie released 20 years ago. Find a better job girls!

    83. sukaina majeed

      Ok the kuch kuch hota hai scene 😂😂😂😂 cherry on top

    84. Gangster

      Rohit(saif) could have donated his heart to aman (srk) As aman's mom says ' transplant could save him We could have diff ending 🥺

    85. Reema jain

      The gen z you enacted are only the dumb gen z influencers. Not well functioning humans 😂

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      Please do of Ala Vaikunthapurramula

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      Guys please review Ajnabee😂

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      Gen Z definitely watched this movie growing I am one and know plenty who have. We watched it in the years after the movie came out and all the way until now. Don’t insult us! 🤣

    89. Prajakta Palande

      Looks as if Kusha is pregnant 😍

    90. Tanisha Maheshwary

      Bloopers nahi daale isme iss bar. Missed them hehe 🙈

    91. Tanisha Maheshwary

      Yaar i love this movie so much ..🥺 cry everytime i watch it though ik it has loops.

    92. Ashesh Dubey

      Bold of you to assume that this was my favorite childhood K-Drama and not KANK. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna >>>>>>

    93. Aastha Mehta

      Can you do a review of Munna bbai MbBS and /or Lage raho munna bhai ??

    94. T_T __

      Kal ho na ho was a classic even though when i find naina bodyshaming her friend offending the dialogues and the acting of srk was just awesome the dialogues were my favourite part of the movie

    95. shruti mendulkar

      This was also good.. But only Desi pulled it off better 😁

    96. Saba Inamdar

      Sakshi shivdasani's mimicking was on point😂😂😂

    97. Vinothini Thangaraj

      KKR and Punjab kings in this or that!!!!!😂😂😂

    98. Seher Mehta

      Did Kusha's impression remind you of Sakshi shivdasani?

    99. Ashna Baretto

      Finally someone pointed out the flaws of this movie! Thank you 😭❤️

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      Kusha imitating Sakshi Shivadasani is hilarious 😂