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    There's the entrance exam, and then the real test.
    An institute with decades of legacy, millions of aspiring students, and one common dream. The IITs are the Indian version of the American dream that involves clearing the world's toughest public exam for guaranteed lifelong success. But life is not an exam. It’s a hustle, one that nobody trained them for. Find out what goes into making an IITian an IITian, in Alma Matters, on 14th May on Netflix.
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    1. Raghav Shastri

      This is a masterpiece

    2. Debasis Pradhan

      Middle class parents direly need to see it 👍


      Arre Bhai Netflix nhi banaya h Series woh Sirf Stream kr rha h🤦‍♂️ Jinhone banayi h unhone bht tagdo mehnat ki h

    4. Deepanshu Gupta

      Is it released or when will they?

    5. A. P Chaudhary

      is it documentary??

    6. Sarcastic Prick

      LOL its still about NRI's :P Most of IIT graduates dont work in India after completing their degree.. (Source: The Elite University- Are we too selective by Milind Sohoni, IIT prof)

    7. Anmol singh

      So Netflix got an inspiration from tvf on how to find good content. I appreciate their effort and would surely watch it

    8. Sheldon Chettiar

      U know what most people want to pursue cs in IIT but they don't even know basics of computer os and batchmate is an example....he doesn't even know how to use computer properly and a very slow typer...but he is good in PCM and even better than me but on contrary CS is my passion and I love programming( even made a website which is in local) ...but not sure on entering into Moral is that most of the students opt for JEE just for the sake high packages and money factor but people like me truly want a seat in IIT Bombay but this stupid race 😔

    9. Soumya Kanti Mandal

      Best ever ❤️

    10. Vijay Kiran rathod

      Anyone Telugu....??? This is RAW Happydays NETFLIX VERSION 😂

    11. Eduniti - Physics by Mohit Goenka_IITKGP

      Being A KGPian (iitkgp 2015 passout) I am able to relate soo much. Its nostalgia at its peak. Those illus, hall tempo shout out, night outs and soo much. Thank you Dopamine, Camera in shorts and Netflix for this.

    12. Harsh Vardhan Thakur

      Netflix kya he bana deya ho 🔥🔥finally some one has Shown the real life of IIT .I am a jee aspirant 2021 for me,now going into iit is not about salary anymore but to live the experience of an lifetime which I don't what to lose out .

    13. sujata tibrewala

      Dont see many girls in the trailer...I think only two among so many boys. Are we in 2021 seriously? Reinforces iit is for boys stereotype. I am from iit and a girl. And someone is commenting in the trailer "how can girls do it ", what are they referring too.

    14. Kushagra Panwar

      Now next season should be on what exactly happens in a medical college please it's really necessary to show what exactly happens vs what people think happens

    15. piyush joshi

      Just watched this!!! Its heart touching 🙌❤️ many shows tells external environment of IITs this docu series shows INTERNAL 🙌 Kejriwal is from IITKGP : politician Sundar Pichai is from IITKGP : alphabet-google ceo arnabh kumar is from IITKGP : founder of TVF ‌biswapati sarkar is from IITKGP: actor tvf JITU is from IITKGP: actor tvf ‌biswa is from IITKGP: comedian ‌gaurav taneja is from IITKGP: bodybuilder, pilot and now PApromR I am writing this bcz even if we cant get our desire job or wanted profession, we CAN ALWAYS HAVE 2nd OPTION!!!!!! NOT ALL IITians or colleges students gets into MNC companies!!! So, be RELAX AND GO WITH THE FLOW 🙌🙏

    16. Pratiti Datta

      Can you please release the soundtracks and bgm of Alma Matters please. Especially, the title track and Ektu Saabdhane.

    17. Amit Prasad

      It has been 15 years…and still “Azad” gave me more chills than IIT. Azad ka tempo high hai :)


      Hum PhD walo pe v koi banao bhai....

    19. Mandeep Singh

      Adarsh Bhai ka alag hi swag hai. IIT Kharagpur me BITS Pilani ka T-Shirt pehne ghoom rahe hain.

    20. animesh anand

      Ok so i was angry and disappointed after having unsuccessful attempt to get into IITs and was blaming everyone specially indian education system and now i am in BIT and i think the ability to absorb the pressure was missing inside me so i am happy now that wherever i am. I couldn't have survived there even 2semesters. All the Best

    21. The last Emperor

      Shite + overrated showcases of the biggest nerds in India

    22. manoj nayak

      Are Biswa.... Netflix pe aaj release karne ko bola tha ... Kahan hai ? Saala IIT result ke tarah bluff ho raha hai meri zindagi

    23. srujan aradhya

      Damn hard hitting

    24. Kishan Ram.R

      When will this sires realized

      1. Sunidhi Meesala

        It has released!

    25. Rayaan

      This is amazinggnfnfnf

    26. Pranav Agarwal

      time of release on netflix?

      1. Sunidhi Meesala

        It has released!

    27. Shubhankar Khandkar

      Release hua abhi ki nhi

    28. Harsh Goyal

      kya sahi copy mara hai Placebo ka which was released in 2014 by @abhay kumar. Placebo was based on AIIMS inside story

      1. Chaitanya Gupta

        Bhai kis platform pe h

    29. Ashad Rehman

      Bhai again 14 may series ab tk nahi ai

    30. Adarsh Agrawal

      Aadha campus ganjedi

    31. Faizan Ahmed

      At what time is the episode dropping?

    32. Sagnik Ghosh

      My arts student mom simply asks me, why didn't you try for IITs🙂

    33. swp9999

      Can anyone recognise the music in the end. Which one it is ?

    34. r k

      Aukaat nahi hain IIT Engineers ki to create mobiles,OS and desktops in India. Bade aaye Foreign companies ki Job karne. Bikau pottey saaley....Soft slavery bankar foreign companies ki kaam karengey 😏

      1. Siddharth Negi

        just because tujhe nahi pata matlab zaruri nahi hai ke IITians India mein kuch nahi kar rahe hain. Thoda research kar lo

      2. Shradha -51

        Mrr ktt ke prhai likhai koi desh bhakti krne ke liye nhi krta h paisa kmaane ke liye krta h

    35. Rishabh Vishwakarma

      Omg wow Netflix india is pro in movie

    36. Abhishek Singh

    37. Bishakh Dutta

      legends say everyone in the comment section are iitians

    38. Art Meet Artist

      We need more real content from Netflix.

    39. Ram Yedla

      Go south india it’s more worst

    40. Deepak Kumar

      Netflix on the way of TVF🔥

    41. Yogesh Kumar

      I'll definitely watch it but this one needs to be on the television as well

    42. TheDodo

      Kisi ke paas koi Plan B hai?

    43. amruth yetikuri

      @Netflix India What's the BGM from 2:16 onwards

    44. Rohit Kumar

      Bhai ab lenge Netflix ka subscription., ,Maja aayega bhai seriously 👍👍

    45. Ayush Shrivastava

      This is entirely wrong. Transferring your failures to saying that the system's faulty shows how weak you are. I don't fucking care if you quit, or do infidelity to the field, cause its imperative since you're so weak to sustain, and withstand due to the wrong perception you've made since the beginning and the resultant greed. You're bound to fail. But not all. Not everyone. I will avenge for this infidelity to core engineering by you pussies and prove you wrong.

    46. speak Charlie


    47. Nisu Binny

      When is it coming

    48. Debesh Mohapatra

      What is the Release date?

    49. G.S.

      Gave CLAT. Got into Law school. Life's better. 🙏🏼

    50. Jasleen Kaur

      The funny thing about this video is, it has Biswa on the cover. And in the 2:59 minute video, he is legit there for barely 10 seconds? Woh bhi at the very end😂 yeh hai bhai CLICKBAIT ki definition

    51. Gaurav Singh

      Tum ko ye padhne ko bola gaya, tumne nahin padha tum badbak ho😂


      Mean while. Medicals : hold my beer

    53. Prasun Kundu

      Where is prof Sheema singh . 😂😂 Mast story banta uska ..

    54. Queen B

      Fact: Most richest people in the world are college dropouts, who end up hiring these people to work for them 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    55. Priyadarshan Singh

      It's good to see your alma mater getting featured.. KGP ka Tempo, High hai..😎

    56. Shivani Sharma

      Cinema needs to be motivating and not depressing.. this doesn’t show a true story... Being in an IIT is the best phase in a person’s life.. you grow so much in all dimensions and it’s certainly not only about getting a job.. from the trailer it seems it’s just showing one side of it.. which depicts a very wrong picture.. I am afraid of the kids who lol watch it and form a wrong impression

    57. uday kumar

      Interesting!!.. Let's see what all they have covered in this. By the looks of it guess they have done about 50%...there are much deeper and darker things I am looking at. And also the lol aspects of being an IITian.

    58. Googolplex

      This will definately get millions of views within 1 hour of release considering this is based on engineering, and huge number of engineers out there in India , apparently most of them have enough time to watch this !

    59. RISHABH Arya


    60. Niyati Shetty

      Only TVF is making a content in relation to academics with a positive approach which many students can relate..pressure hai stress bhi hai but aage bhi toh life mein doubt the going can be tough but not giving up , giving your best,not complaining or blaming anyone esle n ultimately working towards our passion is dependent on us kisiko bhi blama karke kya milega.

    61. Dev

      it was shot in 2020 and release in 2021 ... so students dont get rusticated for smoking and drinking huh?

    62. Shreyas Jadhav

      Reservation is the biggest problem in India. People who don't deserve a seat in these institutes get one and those who do sometimes dont.

    63. Mohd Musharraf

      This is real 3 idiots movie

    64. Kaushik Raj

      Biswa mast admi

    65. Divya B

      Amazing!!! Can you plz bring up something for Med students too..

    66. ShafayHussain Syed

      Bollywood must learn something from these kind of web series......

    67. ashutosh gupta

      "Jo soche the ki at this time me kaha pe hunga, uske compare me kuch bhi nahi hu; aur us ke liye gussa he, gussa khud hi pe he." - Alma Matters Right in the feels 🥺 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    68. Aakash Kumar

      One good thing of making IIT admission tough is dumbs couldn't get admission in the college. Yes reservation is there but it is still tough for them too and only the deserving students enter the top 7 real IITs. Reservation on cast basis is wrong and promotes more casteism but Anyone who blames reservation for not getting into good college is a crybaby. Im OBC and I wonder why we r getting useless reservation when cutoff is nearly same as of general category. Hate between general and sc/st is reasonable bcoz of large cutoff difference but why it is between general and OBCs? I think it as a political stunt to divide indians as brahmins vs rest. I wish OBC community demands for abolishing of this useless reservation and avoid getting useless hate without a reason. I know SC/ST will never give up on reservation bcoz cutoff difference is large but we should.

    69. Om prakash Patel

      Your work shows you are above and beyond champion! we need more people like you. Always been a big fan of you.

    70. Videoviewer

      After this we need IIM dream, then IIT + IIM dream :D

    71. sanghoon

      I am south korean and my friend recommended this to me and students of south korea are into similar academic pressure since the 1st year of high school till the college and similar is the situation in china and other asian countries. In korea the most number of sucides cases were of 17-19 age of high schoolers. I HOPE THIS CHANGES..

      1. Steven Ayare

        Have babies like rat and then blame the country for college seats and quality

      2. well wisher

        @Aaradhya Malik Only S of SKY, I was a part of.. any given day, I will say KGP is far better than these skies and galaxies.

      3. Aaradhya Malik

        @well wisher if you had to compare the IIT system and the SKY (SNU, Yonsei and KU) system, which would you deem better? asking as i am in highschool :)

      4. Harshith Joshi

        ​@sanghoon Why did all us asians chose the 'Hard' dufficulty when god asked us to be born ? bruh :(

      5. sanghoon

        @well wisher yes these problems are not only exist in korea and india but all over asia atleat south east asian (byw my friend is also indian who recommended this)

    72. Aryan Anonymous

      Abi Netflix tik jaga hai

    73. Gamers Hub

      f*ck this education system


      Being in IIT, now I can relate to many of its aspects, Life seems to be more tough, after getting into IIT, Innocence and passion is no more the driving force, the driving force is now survival and that too amongst the best of best. -IIT Guwahati(heaven on earth)

    75. Lab wala En Gr Nr

      what ??? jee adv //// is worthy? ..... ......(breaking signal) ....

    76. ManOfThoughts

      Matlab IIT jake bhi ghanta ukhad nahi paye. LOL

    77. Study With Udit

      Dislikes are from JNU

    78. chikbumchik

      Hope there is better representation of girls in this one.

    79. Brajesh

      In our engineers do everything except enginnering.

    80. MEHBOOB.

      2:16 He's the cutest. 🌻

    81. Vinay Sharma

      Feels real...

    82. 785 Durga Prasad

      Upsc aspirants ,Inside iit dream hogaya only*** IIM Dreamers are left

    83. Rias Gremory

      I can't fucking wait for this

    84. viraj dobriyal

      the goal of every Indian should be to make India a developed country at any cost.. not to go to some elite colleges like iit, iim etc.

    85. Nimish Singh

      Netflix सिर्फ pagal करने कo है

    86. rahuLNEGI345

      *TVF vibes*

    87. AJ

      Thoda sa realistic feel dedo, series superhit.

    88. Atharva Vaidya

      In today's world engineering colleges are just a form of business a student from class 12 goes to a engineering college his expectations are thrown away he is only a customer who buy knowlege which is outdated 🔥🔥

    89. Nishant X

      Put Biswa face on it... Now, everyone wants to watch it...

    90. Mr Mukunda Madhab Sharma

      it will be interesting to see if any professors comments on the system in the series

    91. Lokendra Sharma

      Sin2theta (#) + Cos2theta (*)=1, You are # and I Am * together we can make 1......

    92. Atlanta Baruah

      Biswa content > Tanmay Bhat

    93. Harshit Bhardwaj

      If you are alive then IIT is alive.

    94. Movies Life

      My parents want me to get into IIT and become a successful Engineer,but my dream is to become an actor it's my passion from childhood, one day I will achieve my dream,this movie gonna hit hard for me🙃

      1. Veeran Thangaraj

        Bhai, you get to live your life only once, you can also be an actor post your IIT, that way at least you can have some backup. So discuss with your parents in the first phase focus on getting into the IITs, if and that is a biiiig IF, you can do it that is. I did not want to do it, but typical south Indian born to south Indian parents, there is no concept of dissent in the family, I gave the test, by some biiig fluke managed to clear and am now in IITM - Comp Sci, and let me tell you, the faculty are awesome, they make you fall in love with the subjects, loving it bro, so give Engineering a chance too bro, it is not the hell it is made out to be

      2. Movies Life

        @Sunidhi Meesala Yeah I was waiting for this Film

      3. Sunidhi Meesala

        The director of this movie is an IIT dropout. Hope it inspires you!

      4. Ishat Gangatkar

        @Mishika Agarwal all these exams are such wastes of time. Convince your parents to let you study abroad.

      5. Mishika Agarwal

        I'm going through something similar. My parents want me to become an engineer...... No they just want me to become an IITian. And if not IIT... then they want me to leave engineering altogether. I'm in 12th rn.

    95. Movies Life

      Thanks for this types of Masterpiece films,we need more ❤️

    96. Gautam!

      Pollard ne to ekdum se vakt badal diya, jajbat badal diya, o bhai,,,,,,,

    97. Vasu Jo

      I did engineering under peer pressure. Now I am stuck

    98. Aadesh Shrivastava

      Ever think about Tier-3 engineering colleges students. Society reject them bcz they are not from NIT, IITs. MNCs, Conglomerates, Product based company reject them, those who accepts, make them underpaid employees. Gum-naami or mediocrity se bhare hue log, har jagah judgement face krte h.

    99. honeytgb

      Man i wanna see this!!!

    100. Bona Fide

      AIIMS pe bana do , stress ka asal meaning samaj aajaye ga.