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    Just when we thought it couldn't get any more ajeeb.
    Watch as Aditi Rao Hydari, Nushrratt Bharuccha and Fatima Sana Shaikh react to the weirdest DMs they’ve received, and catch them along with Konkona Sen Sharma, Jaideep Ahlawat, Shefali Shah, Abhishek Banerjee, Manav Kaul and Armaan Ralhan, in Ajeeb Daastaans, streaming now, only on Netflix.
    Ajeeb Daastaans is an anthology of four strangely contrasting stories which delve into fractured relationships and unexplored spaces. The stories set in varied milieus, explore jealousy, entitlement, prejudices and toxicity, which are often entangled within the heart of their relationships. Each story also takes you on a journey where one would struggle with the moral dilemma of what’s right and what’s wrong, as the lines between them get blurred.
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    1. AlrightPisces

      Madam?! Seriously... 😂😂

    2. King Klux

      Aditi rao hydari looks exactly like alexandra sivroskya..

    3. study Tricksss

      Koi mujhe bta do ye dm kya hota hai samjh nhi a rha hai

    4. arooj tahira

      lol their reactions were more bizarre 😂

    5. T KING

      My gamla my phool my body my rule it's the best line in the entire video

    6. Mahendra Kotak

      Netflix making queer movies in US The Prom . Netflix in India Ajeeb daastans ( I mean seriously 😑😑)

    7. Naman Saxena

      Google toh 35 bata raha nushrat ki age

    8. 15_6E_Kanika Singh

      My gamla my phool My body my rule Hilarious😂😂



    10. Manali Tiwari

      Why Konkana is not dere?

    11. Ashwini

      Why is Aditi Rao Hydari so cute ?

    12. Barsha Karki

      There is 4 story and the last one is the most beautiful one but sad to see only them in every interviews where are the casts of ankahi

    13. B10

      Aditi Rao Hydari Cute OP🔥!!!

    14. Rohma M.Khan

      Okayyy fatima is junejo fan ??? My gamla my phool.. my life my rule

    15. roaster ldki

      Aditi Rao's persona is something else....just sooo charismatic and royalish😜😜

    16. aravind ssp

      Papa fellows😂😂😂

    17. Yashvardhan Rana

      3:16 SIMP

    18. Sri hari Neelam

      01:47 She can Read Telugu via English Hatsoff! @Aditi Rao Hydari

    19. Ayush Jaiswal

      Are bahut jaldi khatm ho gaya

    20. Kanti Devi

      Ajeeb dastaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn rocking people by the way even I was one of them😉😉😉😉

    21. Purnota Marzan

      How can nusrat be 18?

      1. Indrajeet Shinde

        Same as we all want to be again.

    22. adnan pervaiz

      0:35 This is the same issue with Sara Ali Khan

    23. mandar gaddamwar

      Wow they all are so cute 😁and I'm surely gonna watch ajeeb dastaan

    24. Aman Gautam

      I will also dm now Who knows ,I might also got featured🥲🥲😇

    25. Chintan Desai


    26. Abhishek redz Teli

      Pesarattu vacha lol 😂

    27. Kirlto Kirlto

      yeh ajeeb hai.. 😂 jo tum log krte ho woh kya hota hai phir.

    28. curious wanderer

      0:35 dat is so true man what an observation

      1. adnan pervaiz

        This is the same issue with Sara Ali Khan

    29. Shivee Chauhan

      Aditi is hands down the best!

    30. Abhishek Pal

      Fatima 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Haan hun simp, kar lia accept, ab mat likh replies me

    31. Kashish Saxena

      My gamla my fool My body my rule 😂👏👏👏

    32. ANAS

      Amazing Super Fantastic

    33. Sarthak Gupta

      Aditi rao is so sweet ❤️❤️❤️

    34. Sivaani Talanki

      That telugu guy on aditi dms 😂😂😂

    35. San deep


    36. Luke Brennand

      Fatima was miscast. She is tomboyish and not sensous as required by the role. She could be naked and still not sexy. She is better off in fighting roles.


      Netflix where is konkana❤️

    38. Bibek Dey

      One of the best hindi movies ever made

    39. Annanto Gourob

      clearly, Aditi Rao has a better camera

    40. Reya Mathur

      Omg Fatima rocked XD my gamla my phool

    41. main firru

      Yaar Agar Pata Hota Aditi Rao DM padne Wali Hai Main Pakka Isse Bizzare Dm Karti..BTW I can cook " biryani...haleem and idli...."😂 With Aditi Rao it's " Haseen Daastaan"❤️

    42. sudershan sharma

      They are epic!! I have massive admiration for all three of them🥺💕💕

    43. 3racha baddies

      Aditi saying 'no' like that reminds me of Jisoo from BP

    44. Pratik Sarkar

      Ak Netflix ka subscription dedo plzz garib admi huu 😬🙂🙂❣️...

    45. Neel Das

      Absolutely loved the film. It feels good that Bollywood has not forgotten that films can be made on reality of us everyday humans. Thank you brilliant cast for this powerful delivery.

    46. shruti birajdar

      Fabulous movie 4 different stories with awesome ending ❤️ dimaag hilakar rakh diya 😂

    47. D A V I D

      seriously kuch funny nahi laga

    48. Deeksha Saxena

      Truth is more bad msg than this are parts of all Girl's inbox.

    49. Mahima Rawat

      2:42 😂 fatima was so savage and so on point, loved it ❤️. It was a very interesting video 😂👍.

      1. Kirlto Kirlto

        no she wasn't 🤡

    50. Aravind

      Why is it only Boys portrayed bad everywhere? "Sliding into DMs" and I see there are ladies. When it comes to sliding into DMs why does everyone think that only a boy slides into girls DM always?

    51. 9x movies

      Aditi I love your voice 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

    52. Urbi Sinha

      Why is Konkona and Shefali Shah not a part of this?

    53. vedashree barokar

      to everyones astonishment i saw "how to ikigai" in fatima"s book shelf on the top !! XD

      1. Rising Sun

        @Indrajeet Shinde ohhhh wowwww😃😃 amazing

      2. Rising Sun

        @vedashree barokar alright bro 😊,thank you

      3. Indrajeet Shinde

        @Rising Sun damn i m a clg student and even with so many assignments and exams and all, i remember i read the whole book within an hour the day i bought it😅.. anyway keep reading.

      4. vedashree barokar

        @Rising Sun yah no problem i just wanted to convey that its a must read because u get to learn something new from each page !!! good luck to u, i know u will end uo into a satisfactory reaction, i had completed it when i was in 11th nd from then i got to know IKIGAI IS JUST AWESOME !!!

      5. Rising Sun

        @vedashree barokar thanks bro 😊🤟 ,yeah for sure i will read it but as i am a clg student so I read about 2-3 pages daily😅😊😊 this is really so amazing ❤️

    54. Arpan Biswas

      Bohat tejashwi log hai hamare yaha😄

    55. jigyasa srivastava


    56. Karubaki Chakraborty

      Petition to print My gamla, my phool, my body,my rule on a t-shirt😂❤️

    57. Sharat Srivatsa N

      Nushratt is really funny and beautiful...

    58. Shahida Khan

      Fatima is hilarious

    59. garima birhmaan

      Fatima and Aditi 😍

    60. Progga Manoshi

      My gamla,My phool My body my rule it's best. I laughed for 20 minutes

    61. Maithili

      Hell the comments were actually kinda true.

    62. The Hysterical Taurean

      Toffee 🤣🤣

    63. The Hysterical Taurean

      LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      Hey Telugu 😍😍😍

    65. Aziz

      flexing their iphones

    66. Mohammed Maaz

      Ajeeb types of promotions 😉

    67. Manoj Kumar

      Why do I think that this is seriously filtered??

    68. Somnath Chatterjee

      4 story = awesome ❤️ kankona is a gem like her mother .....❤️ From kolkata

    69. Anudeep Katikala

      Aa pesarattu adigina vaadiki covid ochindi ankunta, taste thelidhu yedava ki. Pesarattu okkate osthe saripodu, pesarattu lopala veyyalsina Upma koda raavali.

    70. grumpydr

      Fatima pronounces messages also as MASSAGES... Guess you know it what she means it. Her phool her ghamla Her body her rules

    71. grumpydr

      Fatima petrol se naha ke aayi hai

    72. nissi luther

      Telugu 💕💕💕💕

    73. Ashutosh Mjvmd

      Ajeeb..!! Thank god.. Ajeeb DMs hi padhe hai... Disgusting nhi...😂

    74. Ayushi Ghosh

      "My gamla, my phool. My body, my rule" waahhh🙏🙏🙏 that made me laugh

    75. Yogesh Malik

      Bragging too much 😂🤣😂

    76. Gunjan Ajitkumar Kulkarni - CS

      can you believe Aditi Rao Hydari is 40?...she is simply stunning

    77. supriya chanchal

      Aditi is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    78. snehlata Kumari

      Fatima 😂😂

    79. Rohan Jain

      Nushrat is best ❤️❤️


      Actress and Ladkiyun ko itni Attention milti hai tab itni NAUTANKI hum ladko se pucho Attention, Compliment kya hota hai jo hume kuch bada ACHIEVE kar ke hi milta hai

    81. Pavitra Sachdeva

      Aditi really has to work on her eyebrows 🙄🙄

    82. Poonam Chandel

      It looks like Fatima did make-up on her saree too😅😅....

    83. Sayantika Debnath

      In logo se jeyada ajeeb dms toh humme ate hain🤣

    84. Hamidullah Amir

      That nusrat part in ajeeb dastan was so dark in the end....

    85. Suraj Rana

      Dude Fatima 😂... *My gamla, my phool* 🤣

      1. Pradeep Pradhan


    86. Bhawana Tyagi

      Where is konkona?

    87. yesha thakkarprajith

      Nusshratt B👌🏼👌🏼

    88. Om Santosh Savake


    89. Rina Prasad

      Why don't u 3 idiots try do something for covid pt.

    90. Phantom Pain


      1. Lalitha valli


    91. Rishita Misra

      I'm really bummed by the fact that they didn't get Konkona in this video.

      1. Как заработать в интернете


      2. Ituparna Chandra

        Kiuki Konkona sabki respected hai, usa koi ajeeb dm nahi vaj ta hai.

      3. Shahida Khan


      4. Rishita Misra

        @go to hell bye but she's not a commercial actress anymore,that's why they don't ask her to do these promotion things.

      5. go to hell bye

        Yah man she is so damn witty

    92. Prathamesh Shenoy

      Voh toffee ka Matlab Kuch aur tha dude!!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Bahut ajeeb DM the lol

    93. Pranav Anand

      I am not a graphic designer or illustrator, but i can definitely make better thumbnail than this..🥅✈️❌

    94. Khushi Pandey

      Lol.. What a savage answer by Fatima My gamla my phool, my body my rule 😀😅😅

    95. Vivek Kumar

      Where is Konkona Sen Sharma @netflix india

    96. Manisha Choudhuri

      Nushrratt's voice man! 💕💕

    97. Aakash Mhasvekar

      Aditi Rao Hydari is so chweeet

    98. Aakash Mhasvekar

      some DM were nice

    99. lemon leaf

      Hey... they're all wearing pink!! 😀

    100. Susmita Debdas

      I felt konkona sen sharma the best in this series bt she is not in this video? Why?