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    Agar aisa match dekhne mile, toh hum teen guna Lagaan dene ko taiyaar hai 🥺
    Watch Aamir Khan make history with his team, and catch the ultimate cricket match in Lagaan, streaming now, on Netflix.
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    1. Sanjeev Reigns

      It's like kohli vs Johnson 😂

    2. Jeo Joseph

      Aamir is the best actor india ever produced.

    3. Indie Focus

      Bruh you've got spoilers in the title itself, and you're flashing spoilers at the very beginning, rename it "Aamir Khan - The Last Ball' or something

    4. Akshayadeep Singh

      Best ending scene of all time and i don't think anything could beat this. No matter how many times you watch it , it still manages to give you goosebumps🔥

    5. Samina Easmin

      Bhavam bham watching 😂😂

    6. Marvellous Scene

      Money heist season 5 Please Netflix please.......🥺🥺🥺🥺

    7. Isb Gaming

      Acting of Aamir khan Movie of Ashutosh Gowariker Movie on Netflix This is perfect

    8. Lakshya Dalal

      Every second is too OP

    9. S.K. Roy

      Pata nahi kyun Captain Russel ki awaaz sunte hee mera khoon 100 km/h ka speed mee daudne lagta hai.

    10. Shailesh _

      Inspiration For Ravi Ashwin !!!

    11. krishna k

      Every word in the movie has a meaning,hindi language used beautifully in whole movie

    12. Desconocido Spider

      *Thanks for 17* ❤️ *Ab 30 karwa do* 😌❤️ Love you all ☺️

      1. The Aviation Channel

        Ok sir I subscribe your channel

    13. Desconocido Spider

      *Thanks for 17* ❤️ *Ab 30 karwa do* 😌❤️ Love you all ☺️

    14. Desconocido Spider

      *Thanks for 17* ❤️ *Ab 30 karwa do* 😌❤️ Love you all ☺️

    15. Xavier

      i still can't believe i was kicked out of the hospital because i told COVID-19 patients to stay positive

      1. Bakul Sharma

        Abe ek hi joke aur laga bolne wala hai, pagal. Sabhi jajah ek hi joke, creativity kaha bej di

      2. Saransh Agrawal


    16. Ayan Shah

      Bhuvan to Captain Russell: Ye main kar leta hu, aap Dream11 pe team banalo. :)

    17. Explore With Arhan

      when money hiest season 5 will come plzz

    18. Rohit P

      Aamir n Lagaan… The most iconic actor in the Most iconic film!!

    19. rishabh wadhwa

      Captain Jack Russell caught the ball but had overstepped, same way India was found wanting, they thought they have won the Corona War only to find out they have overstepped & due to their lackadaisical attitude & lack of preparedness, Covid 2nd Wave has created havoc in India.

    20. Garvit Singh Garry

      Always a Pride of india 💙❤️😋

    21. Shubham singh

      Brings countless emotions just in 2 mins.

    22. Hanifa Lily

      Very nice

    23. Krishna Deka

      Netflix i beg u! please please please bring the 2nd season of "mismatched" soon and please don't change rishi and dimple's character they did an extraordinary job yaar...but I'm dead after watching the 6th/last episode of the 1st season...wth was that ya, such a cute story was ruined at the end...how can you do that😭😭... . . I hope Netflix gonna have a look at my comment and think over it!! . . Please like this comment if u felt the same..😊🙏🏻 (These r jst my personal thoughts kuch galat bol diya ho ya kisiko thes pohchi ho toh I'm really sorry)

    24. Sumukhi Shejwalkar

      NOT a spoiler alert at all because everyone has watched this film at least 2 times😂😂

    25. Josh Katiyare

      "Will Aamir Khan Win The Game?" I don't think this question is for Gen Z in India. 10-15 sal ke bad ki pidi ke liye h yeh sawal, tab take bollwood bhi band ho jayega.

    26. rishabh wadhwa

      India & I have to win this corona battle anyhow by hitting it for a six & sealing it with a Win. We have to win against this Corona 2nd Wave anyhow. Please People of India, Let's get United for once & let's not make this virus powerful over us & kill lives. Hope Govt does act better now with better arrangements of health care facility.

    27. Anil JANI

      Aamir khan is not game winner he is game changer.

    28. Ramesh L

      Netflix only north India n people. Not south Indian.. Because they are dubbed only hindi and English.. English r other web series only hindi r English only....Tamil, telugu, Malayalam. not important over language..

    29. Sharanyaa Gupta


    30. Balakrishnan Menon

      Just a couple of months left for this classic to complete 20 years.🇮🇳


      Bilkul amir hi jitega pichle sunday hi dekhi thi movie


      Who will get spoilers now? Except the new generation. Bruh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Priyanka Videos

      Captivating than obvious

    34. Recovering Pizza Addict - Weird Content Ahead

      Feels like we are in Lagaan and Covid is the fuckin teen guna lagaan 🥲

    35. Niyas niya


    36. Saurabh Singh

      kachra bhaag kachra

    37. AryanTanna

      Fun fact : u know the result and still u r here

    38. Ziyad Mangad

      When will ripper episode 2 comes i am waiting😖

    39. AryanTanna

      1:44 so sad for her..💔

    40. Prabhav Bhasin

      1:30 me and my friends after successfully Bunking the class 😂

    41. Satyajit Roy

      Hum jeet gye ❤️❤️

    42. Divya Singh

      Best climax ever

    43. Ayush Godiyal


    44. Chetan Shet

      Hum Jeet gaye.. Still this film resonates the same emotions..

    45. Alan Saj

      2nd half bored me, but 1st half was good... too long of a movie

    46. Christopher

      No one : Netflix Giving spoiler alert for 20 year old movie . 😅

      1. No.55 Gaming


    47. Enigmasuhail

      Yes he 🏆wins

    48. Thamjeed

      Netflix took Spoiler Alert to another level... After 20 years of the release of the movie.


      Spoiler alert 😂😂.? I watched 100times . And thsi movie spoilers are not spoilers

    50. Aamir Khan

      Best and greatest climax scene ever made in bollywood history ... goosebumps 😍😍🔥🔥


      Hum lagaan nhi denge

    52. prashant patil

      Even after 20 years and after so so many repeat viewing, this scene still gives me goosebumps!!! One of the most iconic movie in Indian Film Industry.....

      1. Divya Singh

        Me too

    53. Sanskar Saxena

      Ashish Nehra be like : Length ball dalte to behtar rehta.... 😂😂

      1. Siddhant Bhutada


      2. Vishal

        Baal* 👀

    54. OM Niharika

      Just watched d it yest in my quarantine.....best cinematic moment...live this movies

    55. Asif


    56. arjun vijay vinee

      I always cry when this scene sees.

    57. Nikhil Kolhe

      Pride of Indian cinema

    58. Talib Alvi

      One of the most iconic scenes from one of the most iconic films in the history of Indian Cinema 🖤

    59. AD Ankita Devi

      "Teen guna Lagaan dena parega" Who knew that this would become a legendary meme someday 😂😂😂

    60. Ashwini Vinodan

      One of the remarkable movies.. 💕

    61. Rajan Sharma

      If we classify movies on the basis of old generation and new generation then this movie was the difference between two generation. An unparalleled movie.

    62. Pushkar Satpute

      Woh jeet chuka hai kab ka tum log ab pooch rahe ho ?

    63. SaadUllah Nazir

      Test match ko one day bna dya. Kya logic ha wase

    64. SIMSAN

      Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander!

    65. Halwa khaoga


    66. Anonymous 123

      One of the best Bollywood movies of all time.

    67. Bhavesh Yadav

      Aamir Khan's acting problem eyebrows up and down he is basically playing safe in every movie that's why he was not in par with Irfaan khan, Nawazuddin, Manoj

      1. Ak-Ak KHa-N

        What is the eyebrow? This is probably one greatest piece of acting. Aamir is greatest actor in his own. he doesn't need to be irfan or Nawaz.

      2. Bhavesh Yadav

        @Anonymous 123 Make it correct he was best among the khans or superstars in terms of acting Kay Kay Menon, Manoj Bajpayee were killing it and then Irfaan came from Maqbool Haasil and show what acting is

      3. Anonymous 123

        But he is best actor of previous generation.

    68. Safwan Bin Jahangir

      Aamir showed his class in every second of this clip. His expressions said it why he is called the perfectionist.

      1. Netflix India

        Perfectionist indeed 🙌

      2. Varun Kurup

        @Bilal Siddiqui yeah even the tapori in Rangeela is different from the tapori in Ghulam

      3. Bilal Siddiqui

        From Lagaan Dil chahta hai Rang de basanti Ghajini 3 idiots Rangela Ghulam Sarfarosh Dangal And many more All the characters which aamir khan have chosen u can compare to each other Like: u cant compare lagan bhuvan’s dialogue deliver expressions body language dressing hair cut etc many many more to any other character which i have mentioned above movies name Same u cant compare his own character to his own other movie character But SRK salman khan and others U can see same acting same dressing same expressions same other thing He is a versitile actor seriously You are idiot or dnt know the cinema Salman ka fan lgta hai Jisko hr movies same hoti hai acting dressing expression k hawale se

      4. Chinmay Mathur

        @Bhavesh Yadav beta idiots dekh ke aayo...abhi bhi us film ko dekh ke maza aata hai

      5. Varun Kurup

        @Bhavesh Yadav same expression.kuch bhi

    69. keshav Shrestha

      Hum jeet gaye 👌👌

    70. Ashutosh Nath Tiwari

      Spoiler alert: AMIR KHAN WON😂😂😂

    71. Aravinth Durai


    72. Kaustubh Chakrabarti

      wonderful movie

    73. Piyush Sharma

      Shahrukh khan is a legend

      1. Sharfin Ahmed

        Who is srk? Not even able to give 300cr movies in the box office around 20 years!

      2. Faizan Alam Ansari

        Best in the world srk...

      3. Bhavesh Yadav

        @shinchan what's the connection of srk in aamir khan's Lagaan😅🙄🙄🙄

      4. shinchan

        @Bhavesh Yadav 🏳🏳

      5. Bhavesh Yadav

        @shinchan Tu srk legend kyu hai 🤣 kyunki wo ham krta hai

    74. Piyush Sharma

      Srk ❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Anonymous 123

        This is Aamir Khan not SRK.

    75. Rockstar Abhi

      Lagaan is iconic movie in those days 🔥🔥 1:24 Iconic moment for every villager😁😁they all Win the game and saved their village 🙏🙏

      1. Netflix India

        HUM JEET GAYE 😭❤️

    76. Tarun Singh

      The music by the legend music magician AR Rahman sir 😍🙏😍🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳

      1. Netflix India


    77. Nova X Productions

      Oscar nomination is worth it

    78. Creation I

      Goosebumps 😌🔥

      1. Netflix India

        No matter how many times you watch it, you get them ❤️

    79. AJAY Jain

      The captain is father in law of green Arrow

    80. ArYaN _A GaMeR

      Love this movie

    81. Shreyas Shimpi

      Thanks to Netflix India, I never would have known if They win or lose this match without this clip. I have seen the movie 4 times, still couldn't figure that out.

    82. mohit umat


    83. KhushI Kaul

      This movie deserved Oscar!!! I heard that it was going to be declared winner but later changed because of some film politics.

      1. Saikat Banik


      2. Divya Singh

        This definitely deserved it

    84. Suyash Sharma

      I'm gonna tell my kids this was IPL

    85. Iron Dome

      Bawji, aap idhar! Aaye teel lagane ka waqt ho gaya, Beena Bhabi wait kar rahi hai.

    86. Anmol

      Netflix India Vs original Netflix..

    87. Raul

      No power play no cricket experience still beat world champion England. Indeed greatest Batsman in world cricket. Better than Sachin kohli dhoni.


      ""Now Just imagine,,,, how many,,,, people,,,, are here when you,, watching this video🙏❤️😀..¤..√


      ""Now Just imagine,,,, how many,,,, people,,,, are here when you,, watching this video🙏❤️😀..¤..√


      ""Now Just imagine,,,, how many,,,, people,,,, are here when you,, watching this video🙏❤️😀..¤..√

    91. Mallika Vakharkar

      One of the most iconic film in the history of Indian cinema...Hum Jeet Gaye..

      1. Cyanide

        @INFINITY x Tanishq andh bhakt spotted.

      2. INFINITY x Tanishq

        @Cyanide koi kam dhanda nahi hai?

      3. Cyanide

        I will say that once we vote out chaiwala. Tab tak ham haar gye

    92. desiçòwbøy▬▬ι═══════ﺤ

      i want these OTTs to make HBO level high quality content by giving them a lot of creative freedom and big budgets and by hiring highly talented Indian Directors, and Writers (esp. Indie and Parallel ones, and underrated and newcomers), and make high quality, highly original and creative stories and explore all genres (except romance) like: Fantasy, Scifi, Action, Animation, Drama, Art film, Epics, Horror, Comedy, Thrillers, Mystery

      1. L

        @desiçòwbøy▬▬ι═══════ﺤ yeah, my bad

      2. desiçòwbøy▬▬ι═══════ﺤ

        @L *taste

      3. L

        You got same taste like me❤️ even I don't like romance that much

    93. desiçòwbøy▬▬ι═══════ﺤ

      When will i see some high quality 'hardcore' content in scifi, fantasy, animation, horror from India. I can only remember Tumbbad, and Baahubali doing that in fantasy but i need more high quality, unique content in these genres.

      1. M. Ram


    94. URPro Gamer

      How Many year my mother live ignore - 0 year 🤬 Subscribe - 100 years 🙏👍

    95. S Siddiqi

      Aamir Khan is a legend



      2. Round3Hell : Ab Hasega India


    96. CarryMinati Shorts

      कोरोना के कारण जिन लोगों की जान गयी है । भगवान उनकी आत्मा को शांती दे | जय हिंद जय🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳


      Acha hua jeet gaye nahi toh doguna laagan chukana pdta..

    98. Xavier

      This classic movie from 2001 is still very enjoyable💛💛

    99. Arghyadeep Das

      Lol I just saw this movie 😂😂

    100. AST Edits

      अगर सफलता पाना है तो कभी भी बुरे वक्त और हालात पर रोना नहीं चाहिए क्योंकि मंजिल भले ही दूर सही पर घबराना मत 🏊,क्योंकि नदी कभी नहीं पूछती है कि समुंदर अभी कितना दूर है🙂🙂 stay safe stay home.