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  1. Harshit Singh

    bollywood mein bhi cameos hota hai i think i am racist man

  2. piyush joshi

    Just watched this!!! Its heart touching 🙌❤️ many shows tells external environment of IITs this docu series shows INTERNAL 🙌 Kejriwal is from IITKGP : politician Sundar Pichai is from IITKGP : alphabet-google ceo arnabh kumar is from IITKGP : founder of TVF ‌biswapati sarkar is from IITKGP: actor tvf JITU is from IITKGP: actor tvf ‌biswa is from IITKGP: comedian ‌gaurav taneja is from IITKGP: bodybuilder, pilot and now PApromR I am writing this bcz even if we cant get our desire job or wanted profession, we CAN ALWAYS HAVE 2nd OPTION!!!!!! NOT ALL IITians or colleges students gets into MNC companies!!! So, be RELAX AND GO WITH THE FLOW 🙌🙏

  3. आपका शुभचिंतक

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  4. Samar Talukdar

    Dubb in hindi

  5. Amit Jadhav

    Remember the girl Mathilda from the movie..The professional..(1994)..she grew up and she would look exactly like Tokyo..

  6. Simply cute Blossom

    1:55 that’s when slayy point decide to open slay pop

  7. ExtremistEnigma

    Stop copying you shitheads.

  8. shiva chiru4U

    Hello Bhai super super...... Ni movie remix chesta Anna ....... Kachirhanha😀..... supar supar me movie

  9. R2H KIRA

    Bro this some scenes are cut in this version...u can get the full version on PAprom

  10. Ritik Rai

    Best actors best movie Waiting for 3rd part

  11. Laurie SicardAskey

    This is so unrealistic it's pure comedy.

  12. Antonio Florenzi

    Pittily Tom isn't the same Tom of 2005 or 2009

  13. Atharv Sanghi

    Me after the video: orochimaru, I offer u a test subject!!

  14. Jessica Saidi

    From London Brixton this 4 real? Not 1 bruise or blood, n all that fighting .. flim flop

  15. Pratiti Datta

    Can you please release the soundtracks and bgm of Alma Matters please. Especially, the title track and Ektu Saabdhane.

  16. 4crema gameing

    Who is that girl

  17. Ojaswini 2358


  18. MARKIV Gaming

    Naruto is already on Netflix. We just need dbz and one piece now and the trio will be complete.

  19. Adhirsh K Madhu

    Did i heard malayalam

  20. Kedar shiral

    Plz do not look this movie

  21. IYI Nation

    One of the best comedy movie in the history of bollywood

  22. Kirubel Fekadu

    Experience vs talent

  23. Universal Viral

    Love henry

  24. Adnan Dhamangaowala

    Gautami intentionally made abhuday eat that anda chavanpras with biryani. First she said i that I will not do this punishment so u also don't have to eat anda chavanpras , u can eat biryani but she mixed anda chavanpras and biryani and then gave it to him

  25. Sai

    I am 90% sure this is much funnier than the actual movie!


    Full moovi dal dijiye aap

  27. Elina Singh

    The way he was getting flustered again and again and trying to change the topic , it was so cute! 😂

  28. Mohammed Afeef

    Joju George ❤

  29. rajesh mangar thapa

    This is the the greatest show ever.... You are got damn right 🤠...... BBBitch ...🥴

  30. Wasim Akram


  31. Crayon Grace

    My Favorite 💕

  32. Chendi Boy

    10 out of 10

  33. harish singh

    Aot.... Demon slayer

  34. Shrinath Yewale

    inko copyrights ka issue nhi aaya...

  35. Apurva Ahuja

    Please do its okay to not be okay Hotel deluna Vincenzo

  36. josé

    Essa cena me fez piscar....


    “Descendants of the Sun” please🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  38. Mamilla Indrajit

    What a visual treat.. kuddoos to the actors and special mention @praveen kandregula.. Loved everything about the movie.. ❤️

  39. Sahil Vachhani

    That Tabu was unrecognisable 🤯

  40. saverio giuseppe Russo

    Tom e henry 😍😍😍😍🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 i miei idoli Grandiiiii

  41. Sarojkumar Sahoo

    Ye movie kab ayega

  42. Yogita Shimpi

    Bestttt 💓

  43. Raahul potluri

    PH annaaaaaaa

  44. Xavier

    I am here just to say " EVERYONE EID Mubarak",,

  45. Aarav aggarwal

    Netflix please bring aot on Netflix india. Literally it is worth it to see

  46. Ankush status

    First time babli sir win😂😂

  47. Anuya Srivastava

    Sadguru said the same in one of his videos.

  48. Krishna Balaji Sharma

    Just watched the movie. This is much much much beyond my expectations. Awesome yar. Lots of love to everyone behind this heart touching movie. Love.

  49. Neoti Bhattacharjee

    So cute

  50. makeouthill 17

    Stop cringing

  51. Navnit Kumar Pandey

    Which thumri is played in the background of the scene starting?

  52. Rishabh Sharma

    Just look at aishwary’s face expression at 14:24 kitna dukh ho raha hai usko 😅😅😂😂

  53. Saravana Kumar

    Allu fan from Tamil Nadu... 😊

  54. Jackson Debbarma

    Man Kanan what just happen with your weight you look bulk in the middle

  55. R3rk Gaming

    R3rk gaming short 200

  56. minimoni

    I am waiting for 4

  57. Jackson Debbarma

    background sounds a lot like Andy's voice the guy that use to a VJ on Channel V India over

  58. R3rk Gaming

    Thanks bhai PAprom subscriber 200 complete 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  59. Rohan Zutshi

    same features